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Road Risk Motor Trade Insurance

No one can predict your future. The rough roads, harsh drivers, pedestrians, or animals crossing the road, lack of street lights, improper road signals and speed breakers are some examples of the conditions that may lead to vehicular accidents. insurance covers any road accidents that occur while operating on public roads. This insurance is meant primarily for motor traders, who operate from their homes.

Who Should Opt For Road Risk Policy?

Road risk insurance policy is essential for any business owner dealing with the car repairs, and their maintenance and sales. You always have to deal with your clients’ vehicles. But what if anything happens to these vehicles?

Client cars can get damaged due to accidents during MOT, test driving to ascertain faults, flooding, fire, or theft. While you may not be responsible, you will be held accountable. That is why we suggest you should get adequate protection in the form of risk motor trade insurance .

The road risk insurance will protect you if your customer drags the case to the court, and then the court might force you to pay the legal bills. You could also be instructed to replace the car and pay compensation to your customer. This will not only damage your reputation but could also ruin your financially Hence, insurance is necessary for your business.

Need For Road Risk Insurance Online Quote

With the increasing traffic and greater number of vehicles on the roads, one cannot take the security of the car for granted. No matter how skillfully you drive, it is possible that anyone may lose control and collide into your vehicle. As a result, motor trade road risk insurance is mandated by law.

In the event of a collision that isn’t your fault, even a basic form of road risk protection will make sure the other driver is charged and you are compensated for the damages. Apart from that, you can also claim for personal injury if you happen to get hurt besides claiming for accidental damage. cheapest road risk insurance also helps cover for damages caused due to reasons other than the accidents.

MotorTradeInsurance Categories

Road risk insurance policy usually falls under two different categories that is motor trade combined cover or road risk insurance, each of these insurances offers a unique protection to your business. It is very important to determine which insurance suits the needs of your organisation. Whether it is sometimes difficult to determine, for the perfect guidance one can prefer reliable road risk insurance cover provider like Motortradeinsurancesolutions.

Road Risk Trade Insurance Comprehensive

Like the car insurance version, the cheap road risk insurance covers you from fire and theft and legal minimum MotorTradeInsurance liability, if you are involved in an accident which is your fault than also it takes place. As well as it also covers you from any damage caused by you or your employees mistake. If your business is in need of cheap motor trade road risk insurance or any liability cover whether that's employers liability insurance or products liability insurance or even public liability insurance, all of them can be added on to a road risk only insurance policy.

Combined Motor Trade Insurance Policy!

The combined insurance policy is designed according to traders business size and needs as well as it also covers you to drive on the roads with the cars you deal with along with liability products. The combined motor trade insurance policy also covers many other aspects of motor trade businesses, that includes

  • Stock of the vehicles
  • The money kept on the site
  • Portable tools
  • Plants and machineries
  • Business interruption
  • The motor trade building you operate from
  • Generally stopped and stored equipments at your business premises
Which Insurance Cover Should I Take?

Well! It totally depends up to the type of your business you operate from, like if you are a trader and cell vehicles from your home, of your drive, then Road risk only insurance might be sufficient for your name. However, if you are a mechanic and you operate from your work premises away from your home then you may want to take out a combined motor trade insurance policy because, in the premises the ramp, tools and other essential equipments are included. So for the showroom you will be needing a combined insurance policy to cover the stock of your vehicles and money which are kept on site.

Road risk insurance policy provides a coverage for loss or damage to the vehicle against the risk of accident, fire, theft, floods, riot, strike, earthquake, etc. The road risk insurance policy gives a liability coverage arising out of one's death, injury, third party death and third party property damage. One can apply at motortradeinsurancesolutions to get free insurance quotation online.

Why choose MotorTradeInsuranceSolutions?

If you are thinking why to choose MotorTradeInsuranceSolutions to buy road risk trade insurance , then below are some reasons to convince you.

  • From adding additional covers to raised restitution levels, we at MotorTradeInsuranceSolutions work hard to provide you sufficient services.
  • Each policy is backed up with excellent customer service and flexible terms.
  • We allow you to choose your compensation.
  • We have more than 18 years experience in motor trade insurance and are leaders in our field

Finding the proper cheapest road risk insurance does not have to be a hassle. With the right team of professional motor trade insurance experts, you can enjoy quicker services and peace of mind. Get in touch with Motor Trade Insurance to get Road Risk Insurance online quote today!

The product covers the following areas:
  • Material Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Goods In Transit
  • Vehicles In Transit
  • Loss of Business Money
  • Wrongful Conversion
  • Employers Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Defective Workmanship
  • Road Risks
  • Commer. Legal Expenses
  • Personal Accident
  • Directors’ & Officers
  • Professional Indemnity
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